Lines of research

Line 1 - Community action and vulnerable groups

It integrates the scientific knowledge that has been developed through collaboration in projects carried out in together with other national and international universities, external entities and public administrations. The aforementioned projects focus on social, educational and health issues that can generate situations of inequality and discrimination in vulnerable groups, in order to identify existing barriers and therefore promote socio-educational alternatives.

Line 2 - Autonomy and social and educational participation in childhood and youth

This line of research arises from experiences in local, national and international environments, with the aim of promoting the participation of children and youth in leisure and free time activities. It aims to identify best socio-educational practices for the empowerment of children and youth; promoting innovation and acquiring knowledge, skills and resources to train professionals in the field.

Line 3 - Training and fostering professional networks for socio-educational inclusion

This line is aimed to strengthen research and innovation in the field of socio-educational action, as well as consolidating contacts, relations and projects in connection with existing professional networks at a local, national and international level and widening the existing range of connections.

Line 4 - Gender inclusion and feminist research

Gender inclusion and feminist research are fundamental pillars of this research group. On the one hand, the gender perspective is present throughout our research activity. In community action and work with vulnerable groups, the gender perspective is key to identifying the double discrimination that women often have to face, the empowerment of girls and young women is also fundamental to have fiture inclusive societies, and coeducation is a fundamental aspect of the social and educational inclusion. On the other hand, responding to contemporary challenges to achieve social inclusion, we also have several research projects focused on gender inclusion and feminism.